Acrylic Sneeze Guard for Covid-19 Protection

August 17, 2021

In this COVID fight to flatten the curve as governments across the world come out with advisories and

Acrylic Sneeze Guard

In this COVID fight to flatten the curve as governments across the world come out with advisories and safeguard measures, it is imperative that we not just prep ourselves at homes but our offices spaces as well.

As we all get ready to go back to work it is important that we don’t drop our guards, and continue to take precautions that are essential in controlling the spread of COVID-19. Besides using hand sanitizers, maintaining hygiene, wearing masks and avoiding crowded places, there are a lot of steps that we can take to ensure that the virus doesn’t go out of control.

As responsible employers it is important for offices show their intent to fight the pandemic and take measures to safeguard their employees. A big step in this regard would be getting installations and guards that are capable of providing protection.

Acrylic Sneeze guard is one of the most feasible solutions that you can provide your staff with especially when adhering to government and healthcare standards. Install these guards as workstation shields, workstation dividers, acrylic partitions, plexiglass dividers, acrylic desk guards and social distancing guards.

These protective guards are the best gear for reception counters, office desks, workstations and pantry area of banks, shops, restaurants and hospitals that are most prone to virus attacks. These areas are the most frequented spaces and need to have a shield and gear to defend against the pandemic’s onslaught.

Installing Acrylic Protective Shield Guard can be an answer to the many worries. Made of materials like acrylic/plexiglass, stateless steel fixers and metal clamps these items are a great aid in conforming to the social distancing standards essential in fighting COVID-19.

How do you select a good guard?

The recommended thickness for these protective guard materials are 4mm-8mm (clear acrylic).

Where to buy them? Companies like Sign World are equipped to provide customized shapes and sizes that can suit the requirements of particular spaces. They also provide installation of these items without drilling screw systems, sparing you of the stress of ruining your already stylized spaces.