A sign or a brand identity is your introduction and handshake with those passing by, identifying your business to existing and potential customers. We at Sign World understand and specialize in identifying the right requirements related to the Signage, branding or display options for the business. Sign World and its associates was established since 2006 and has grown into both a regional and national sign company. 

We work directly with large multinational companies as well as individual business owners and our team of professionals on board ensure that the integrity of your brand is maintained. From maintaining original storefront signs to creating modern LED-lit signage, our company comprises of a premier design, manufacturing and commissioning team with more than 15 years of signage, display and branding experience. What began as a hand-crafted sign shop offering unique installations for fine retailers, banks and corporations throughout the U.A.E has grown into one among the leading SMEs in high-impact indoor and outdoor branding. 



To become a valuable resource for our clients and develop a strong strategic partnerships and deliver exceptional customer service.


To be the industry leader in creative and innovative signage and branding solutions that differentiates us the most premier resource for the customers seeking a unique product solution with a defined value proposition.


•  Honesty & Transparency
•  Structured Approach
•  Integrity
•  Quality & Affordability
•  Time & Value

Our Team

We at Sign World believe that it is our responsibility to provide quality and timely services to our customers and the stakeholders. We will work to deliver all products on time and in a wholesome condition as per the expectations and uphold the image of the company. The staff panel is dedicated to the process of continuous improvement and pledge to carry out the services in a courteous and respectful manner. The team commits to be the best solutions provider and guarantee satisfaction for any signage and branding requirements you may have and are truly committed to you. We at Sign World would like to thank you for your orders and assure you that we will always strive to please you.

Our Team
Our Specialty

Our Specialty

Since our inception in 2008 our name has been synonymous with integrity drawing on a century of industry expertise. Sign World is considered by the stakeholders as the upcoming leaders in the sign design, fabrication, installation and maintenance, specializing in branding and conversion programs. We have earned the trust of the region’s top healthcare and retail brands through our inspired designs, capabilities and world class program management. We are a trusted partner to numerous corporate customers nationwide. The people often judge a business by how it looks on the sign.As one sign industry professional put it, “A business without a sign is a sign of no business.”

At Sign World we understand what is exactly required so, the custom made designs are produced after carefully evaluating your requirements and through a system based approach along with personalized meetings.


Sign World is proud to announce their latest achievement “International Quality Crown Award in the GOLD category.”

This award is a symbol of recognition of the prestige of outstanding companies, organizations, and business people from all over the world. The award was presented to Sign World during BID International Convention for Quality, Innovation and Excellence, in London 2017. It symbolizes the high level of commitment towards Quality and Excellence that Sign World possesses on a local and International level. By providing specialized services in the Signage and Advertising, Sign World is considered to have consolidated its position as an international example of good managerial practices, customer satisfaction oriented management and excellence-driven Advertising services.

This award proves the dedication and commitment of each of our employees in providing the best international standard practices to ensure costumer care satisfaction and quality.

Award Winning